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Rust Engineer at MotionMetrics

Having left the University of Reading during the pandemic, and temporarily switching to working at Brace IT fulltime, the opportunity to switch to writing Rust code full time presented itself to me in September 2020, and I jumped at the chance.

MotionMetrics are the creators of a product called Carv, a wearable technology ski coach in the form of a “smart insole”. Sensors in the insole and attached to the boot transmit data to the Swift/Kotlin iOS/Android applications, which then communicate over FFI with a Rust codebase defining common business logic to process the data and give in ear feedback. Data is then syncronised with Rust/Axum servers to store and persist the data, and provide later reprocessing.

While working at MotionMetrics:

  • I led a complete rewrite of the piste detection system using modern geospcial algorithms and to improve their memory efficiency.
  • Implemented a redesign of the in ear feedback system to eliminate repeated advice and improve performance uplift.
  • Assisted data science with a large upgrade to the model in mid 2021 to allow for precise turn by turn analysis (instead of requiring a completed run).
  • Rewrote the base data processing algorithm to allow parallelisation of independent parts of the system.

At the end of 2021, I left MotionMetrics to persue opportunities at a larger company with higher potential for career growth.

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