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Systems Engineer at Brace IT

With more and more engineering work being done, the administration mostly automated, and a years experience under my belt, it was time for an internal promotion at BraceIT.

From June of 2015, I spent my time there doing lots of web development. There were two main product lines this was done on.

  1. Providing end-to-end development and on premises hosting for local businesses, schools, and charities. This work was done largely in PHP, extending Wordpress with bespoke plugins to suit each businesses needs, such as complex survey systems for data collection, and automated report and certificate generation.

  2. Developing a synchronization system for short stay lettings and hotels to keep their calendar availability, and pricing (Prop-Sync). This was built as a Java/Spring monolith application.

In addition to those two primary sides of the business, I also developed internal tooling which was used to automate our deployments and upgrade testing. I wouldn't go so far as to call it “DevOps”, though there was certainly skillset overlap.

In September of 2016, I decided it was time to get a degree, and so my time as an Engineer at Brace IT came to an end.

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