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Systems Engineer at Brace IT

Brace IT was where I got my foot in the door of the tech industry. It was a local web hosting company of the sort that has been obsoleted by the cloud. A physical server in the corner of the room serving websites for local businesses and schools, and a dream to be something bigger.

I joined as a junior hire in June of 2014, working on the internal network infrastructure, setting up new network interfaces, and building out a DMZ to improve our security in line with requirements for a local government Job the company took on at the time. In addition to this, I set up the on premisis email hosting, and was partially responsible for deploying new virtual machines to Hypervisor, and maintaining and updating existing deployments to new software versions.

At the time, I was still in full time education, and so I worked full time at Brace IT during the holidays, and part time during the week. Working 1 day per week, as well as working some evenings.

This was a fantastic learning opportunity for me, and as I progressed at the company I began doing less administrative work and more development work until I dropped the Junior from my title and switched to development full time at the same company in June of 2015!

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