I am a social liberal, I have been since I was old enough to understand politics. I joined the Liberal Democrats as they are the party in the UK that is closest aligned to those values.

I will defend the coallition, probably a little too much, because I genuinely believe in the value it contributed to civil rights during the period, and seem to be the only person alive who remembers that both the Conservatives and Labour party were advocating for similar levels of Austerity in 2010.

The place you will see the most of my politics is on twitter.

Reading Trans Movement

I am one of the organizers for a local political advocacy group called Reading Trans Movement. The movement aims to provide a local representation for Transgender and Gender Non-conforming people in my local town, while providing a vocal opposition to trans genocide advocacy groups and individuals operating in the area.

I created and maintain the website for the movement and run digital security for the organisation, which has been frequently attacked by outspoken trans genocide advocates attempting to disrupt the groups operations.

In addition to this, I am a fequent speaker at events.

Third Choice for the UK

Third Choice is a national advocacy platform I have created seeking to educate people in the UK on the most effective way to enact political change within our current corrupt and broken political system.

Conventional wisdom is that within a first past the post voting system, one should vote for the candidate from the two most popular available that one dislikes the least.

This is obviously an undesirable property for an electoral system, but it is also an incorrect one.

The most effective political party in modern history won only a single seat in parliament. UKIP, despite not winning seats, succeeded in dragging us out of the EU, a position that was considered fringe not too long ago.

All of this happened because enough people "wasted their vote" that the Convervative party felt forced to adopt UKIP policies in order to win back those voters. This is the fundamental principle on which FPTP voting should operate.

Polling shows a majority of people in the UK want a third party to vote for, but in truth, under our current electoral system, the only way to achieve that is to force one of the larger parties to adopt policies which align with your desires from a third party. In doing this, voting for a smaller party is the most effective way you can spend your vote.