I offer tutoring services from between £15 and £40 an hour depending on the subject being tutored on.

This focuses on high level academic computer science. I.E. GCE (A Levels) and degree level computer science. If you wish to enquire about lower level qualification such as GCSEs I will need evidence that it is the student (as opposed to a parent or guardian) seeking assistance with a genuine interest in improving at the subject.

I have experience tutoring at degree level to help people achieve first class results. I myself have a first (US GPA 4.0) in computer science from the university of Reading.

I can do sessions from 1 to 3 hours in length. If you require me to go to your address then I’ll add transport costs onto the cost of tuition (due to a medical condition, I’m unable to drive and so will have to get a taxi). Otherwise, I can conduct tuition through Discord or at my address in Reading.

My CV with technical content included.

Contact lucy@llblumire.co.uk to make an enquiry.