The World

The world of Anbyrne spans 5 main continents, 4 large continents and 1 archipelago created when the rift was opened by the gods.

The central continent is home to many races and cultures, dominantly Human, Elf, and Half Folk. Filling a medieval Europe fantasy niche. It is known as Ilon in the fantasy age, and Ironia in modern.

The eastern continent is a mixture of medieval England and North Africa/Arabia in culture. Containing almost entirely humans. It is known as Kalina in the fantasy age, and Kalin in the modern.

The western continent is home largely to the Dwarves, Beasts, and Fates, with some human presence in the form of ‘Tall Dwarves’. It acts as a more pure fantasy culture between the reclusive races that live there. It is known as Bilan in the fantasy age, and Brannia in the modern.

The archipelago is known as two clusters of islands, collectively the Papi-Atikan islands. It is home to Humans, the Fae, and is under constant threat from the plane of demons. It does not exist as it sinks into the sea by the modern age.