The Story So Far

Sessions are listed here in the order they were played. For positions in the actual timeline, see the following:

  1. Murder at the Stoutwind Estate
  2. Fallian Wulven Hunting
  3. Gnoll Caverns
  4. A Mystery in Turis
  5. Reclemation of Drask’s Pride
  6. Lost in Space
  7. The Fall of Sudetstadt
  8. Something Wrong at the Crossroads Academy
  9. Lost in Space

I also don’t remember all the details of all of them, because I’m bad at keeping records, if I missed any details about a campaign you played in please contact me.

Gnoll Caverns

A group of adventurers from the age of chaos working under the guild of adventurs went to clear out a gnoll cave. After one of their number was ripped to shreds and badly wounded, they successfully killed ‘Mis’ the common speaking leader of the gnolls, and then fled leaving behind their wounded companion who proceeded to escape.

Lost in Space

A generation ship sent out from ‘the homeworld’ in the age of slow expansion is half way between galaxies, moving through completely empty space. A planet came through a wormhole and crashed into the ship, and after getting their bearings the three survivors found their way to a medieval fantasy dwarven castle, defeated the runeforged stone golem Guardian of the city, found themselves faced with a small dwarven army, and then promptly began negotiating, making allies, and eventually learning dwarven, integrating into dwarf society, and giving the dwarfs guns.

Something Wrong at the Crossroads Academy

In the late age of man, a group of school children feel that something is definitely wrong. Eventually they learn that students are disappearing and being forgotten about, including one of the children’s girlfriend. With no recollection of them, and the adults unwilling to help and simply writing it off as a problem with the schools computer system adding names to registers, the kids seek to find out the truth.

After some nasty nosebleeds while trying to remember, the kids eventually stumble across the beast on the way to the nurse. A horrific boney carapaced creature, with hundreds of spindly insectoid legs, and a mouth of spinning teeth that seem to go far further back into the creatures body than physical space would allow. They take a photo, realising they’ll forget the monster when they walk away from it. Having learnt about it from the photo taken on one of the kids phones, they make their way to the design tech department, make weaponised electric bats, and fight the creature. All but one child perish and are forgotten about, the remaining one steps into an egg left behind by the corpse of the creature to meet Tek, the great power of time, a higher deity.

They argue, Tek reveals the creature is his child and it is attempting to maintain the timeline, and he refuses to undo it’s actions and bring back the forgotten. Tek then banishes the child to the ‘reject bin’, a community of lost souls in the plane of demons.

A Murder at the Stoutwind Estate

Lord Stoutwind died on a political mission to a foreign country in the age of heroes, leaving his family to discuss inheritance of his nations wealth and land. His son was murdered by his elder twin grandson on the evening his family met to discuss. His twin grandsons inherited the country.

The Fall of Sudetstadt

The forge war is well underway, and through the use of runeforged gunpowder weaponry the dwarves are quickly taking over their entire continent: with the bestial city of Sudetstadt next in their sights. A small squadron of misfits, conscripted into the army and not particularly disciplined, are positioned on the flankside of the city where dense forrests make efficient artilery strikes impossible. After killing a few children fleeing from the invasion of the city, they begin moving closer to the walls, finding a refugee garrison led by a Wulven Alchemist and by the man from the future who gave gunpowder to the dwarves himself gone rogue. After a short fight, and one of their number perished, one of the dwarves was contacted by the god of the bestial races ‘Hama’ and given the power to take the shape of any person he touches, including gaining their memories. He uses this power to assume the appearance of the high commander of this branch of the dwarf millitary and then help lead the surviving refugees from the fallen city to safety, fleeing the continent.

A Mystery in Turis

The lord of Beorin went on a diplomatic mission to Turis, traveling with some hired muscle and his usual butler. Traveling through a small town, he became implicated in the murder of it’s mayor. His companions worked tirelessly to clear his name, eventually discovering the mayor had created a way of harvesting a body for it’s trace magic circuits and turning them into magical artifacts that could store spells. His staff included a spell of instant death, which a concerned mother of one of his mind-wiped maids turned against him by constructing an artificially magical artifact using the trace magic circuits of one of her friends, another mother of a maid. The artifact was designed to focus spells onto their caster, and thus when the Mayor attempted to kill the lord of Keodia he perished in his place. Revealing this information to the guards, and accidentally destroying the magical-redirection artifact, the trio cleared Lord Keodia’s name, and continued their journey north, still in posession of the artifically magic staff that killed the mayor.

Reclamation of Drask’s Pride

In the late age of chaos, a mysterious man hired the new leader of the tribe of gnolls that used to belong to Mis in order to hunt down a lost relic on the shrouded isle, a mysterious island constantly hidden under a layer of mist, last home of the dragons. The gnoll was granted the power to take the form of a human by ‘Hama’, the bestial god, as Mis was able to speak common and further the standing of the Gnolls, and Hama intended for this Gnoll to do the same. They teemed up with a half-folk looking for adventure.

The man revealed a small part of the island was on an outcropping that was often not shrouded in fog, and he aided them in sailing there. Telling them to return to him a red crystal for he could not step foot on the island. The pair killed some sentinel guardians, and found their way inside the dragon nest, where newborn dragons were raised by their mothers. The dragons had not seen outsiders in a long time, and did not see the pair as a threat so were passive to them. In the middle of the room was a font of red liquid that was used to turn the half-folk into a dragon when they were forcibly submerged by their gnoll associate. The gnoll turned their right arm dragonesque and gave it a claw.

The half-folk now possessing the power of the dragons, was able to locate the crystal, and acquire it. In doing so, they learned the long lost history of the dragons, sealed away and forgotten even by them. The man who had hired them was ‘Drask’, the god of the dragons. He stayed behind on the mortal plane long ago when the planes were seperated because he loved his children so much he could not stand to leave them. The pair returned the crystal to Drask, and the half-folk joined his dance as one of his children. As payment, he gave control of a few dragons to the gnoll, including control over the half-folk.

The gnoll attempted to use their dragons to expand, and many of their tribe were lost until they were almost completely wiped out and a mutiny was led, the now tribless gnoll and half-folk-dragon retreated back away from their homeland to the shrouded isle, and lived out their days amongst the dragons.

Fallian Wulven Hunting

A small squadron of Fallian soldiers stationed in the forrest of Fallian Occupied South Stoutwind. A small town established by Fallia sent a request for aide as their supply routes were being attacked by Wulven. The squad successfully dispatched the Wulven, who were potion users trained by the Wulven Alchemist who went on to join the guild of adventures before Gnoll Caverns