The Playable Races

Stricly speaking, not all races on this list are playable, and in no game will all the races be playable. What is listed here are the children of each god, and what becomes of them after the death of magic.


Men are the first and most longstanding race of Anbyre. They were created when the cosmos were barron and without much life, built to be hardy survivors. They have no innate magical connection, though gained one at the opening of the rift where the magical energies imbued their bodies with ‘trace magic circuits’. A power that faded slowly over the years. Their creator is the god Munn. In form they appear the same as humans.


The Imen races are humans mutated through distance from Munn. They take the form of larger humans with discoloured skin. Spread throughout the stars, they maintain their ancestors desire for fortifications. They build great towering mega-structures throughout space, rivalled only by the Dragg Husks.


The Wyrds were the first children of Aialos. They took the form of gaseous wisps that cause planet life to flourish wherever they are. They were wiped out by the Elves and Aialos after they became jealous of the Elves.


The Elves are the second children of Aialos. Taking the form of taller, frailer humans with pointed ears. Their magical affinity is natural and innate. They were wiped out by Aialos after using her magic to destroy the dwarves.


The Eldrik races are elves mutated through distance from Aialos. Their magic circuits decayed and left them with grey skin, covered in wrinkles, and harsh raspy voices. Their affinity for nature never truly left them, but enable to manipulate it with magic they took to manipulating it with genetics. Biologically engineered creatures power their worlds and economies.

Half Folk

The Half-Folk are the children of Janus. Smaller in stature than humans with mousy features. They burrow their homes underground and enjoy the simple life. Their affinity for magic is weak, but present. They were mostly wiped out by the Dwarves in the Second Great War, and those that remained disappeared through lack of genetic diversity and crossbreeding with other races.


The foul races are half-folk mutated through distance from Janus. Their magic circuits decayed giving them the same grey wrinkled skin as the Eldrik. They are largely subterrestrial, digging out large tunnel systems and living underground.


The fates are the children of Rengar. In form they appear as humans with innately decorated skin, covered in henna like patterns across their skin. They are highly magically attuned, but their magic acts in unpredictable ways. They were one of the races alongside humans that persisted, however in hiding. Acting as ghosts operating from the shadows to shape the course of history.


The Rott races are fates mutated through distance from Rengar. The patterns spanning their skin now glowing bright colours, with the limitations of their god removed and their magic circuits woven into the fundamentals of their bodies rather than existing more spiritually they are one of the only space-faring races capable of doing magic, making them incredibly powerful.


The Bestial races are the children of Hama. They are much more diverse than many of the other races, each taking the form of humanoid animals. Those of the wolves are the Canids, of the felines are the Rakashans, of the foxes are the Fenik, of the Lizards are the Saurians, of the birds are the Avions, of the fish are the Nartec, of the rodents are the Nauw. There are many other less common bestial races, such as Golls who are of Hyenas. They all have the capacity for Sapient intelligence, but spent most of their history held back by prejudice from the Noble (non bestial) Races, called by the others as the Lesser Races.


The Rabid races are bestial races mutated through distance from Hama. A transformation that happens much faster than the other mutant races, as Hama’s magic is needed to sustain the bestial races. They appear as great beasts, much more powerful and ferocious than their more mundane equivalents. They lack sapience and are listed here purely for completion purposes, as one of the mutations of the sapient races.


The Dwarves are the children of Rarm. They are shorter than Man, but taller than Half-Folk. Stocky and strong in stature, wide, muscly, and heavily bearded. They lack magical affinity. They are instilled with curiosity and are tinkerers and engineers by nature, mining out their homes into mountains and using the minerals found to construct their technology. They were wiped out by the Elves at the end of the Forge War.


The Dragg races are Dwarves mutated through distance from Rarm. They appear similar to the Dwarves, however operate more mechanically. Their curiosity has been replaced by lust for precious metals and gems. They mine out entire planets, leaving a metal scaffolding the size of the planet in their wake, taking all previous substances from the planet and moving to the next.


Though usually counted among the Races, the Demons are the children of a Great Power: Thus making them more akin to gods. Kaligda has many children, some are single powerful entities, and some are diverse populations. They usually have molten rock for skin, and are sealed inside the rift. They persist, but cannot access the mortal realm after the gods close the rift. They are not playable, and are listed here for completion purposes.


The Fae were created and sustained by the rift, rather than by an entity. The magical energy released when it was created forged them. They appear as humans,w ith ornate wings decorated uniquely like butterflies. Their skin takes on a small hue, and each Fae has power over an element or aspect of the world.


The children of Ksennes, they take the form of psychically invisible humanoids draped in a hooded grey cloth cloak with hundreds of large insectoid carapced legs reaching out from their cloak. They are not a playable race and are listed here for completion purposes.

The Lost Children

The children of Nokwus, a long forgotten god. Each is sealed away. They are not a playable race and are listed here for completion purposes.