There are many deities and entities in Anbyrne, not all of which are known to the people of the world. This document will outline the truth, if you do not want spoilers about the pantheon (which is a fixed and pre-written entity not manipulatable by players) then this page is safe to read. The truth of the gods can be found by those permitted to read it here.

Fundamentally, the gods and deities known depend on the time setting.

Medieval Fantasy

In medieval fantasy, it is believed that the following deities exist.

  • Ud: Great Power of Creation
  • Sofin: Great Power of Space
  • Tek: Great Power of Time
  • Enia: Great Power of Spirit
  • Kaligda: Great Power of Destruction
  • Munn: Father of Man; God of Fortifications, and Survival
  • Aialos: Mother of the Wyrds, Mother of the Elves; God of Nature, Fertility, and Birth
  • Janus: Father of Half-Folk; God of Accepting ones Place in Life, and Finding Happiness
  • Rengar: Father of Fates; God of Chance, Astral Planes, Magic, and Trickery
  • Hama: Mother of Beasts; God of Overcoming Adversity, Violence, and Change
  • Rarm: Father of Dwarves; God of Knowledge, The Forge, and Warfare
  • Ksennes: Mistress of Death

There also exists a little known about god

  • Drask: Father of Dragons; God of Physical Prowess, and Perfection


In the period from the death of magic to the Pre-Modern age, the fantasy races fade away, and the power of the gods weakens. Two gods have enough followage to persist, and most others are forgotten about.

  • Munn
    • To Man: God of Light, Life, Sanctity, and Civilisation
    • To Fates: Heretic God of Slavers, Imprisonment, and Torture
  • Rengar
    • To Man: Heretic God of  Witchcraft, Dark Magics, and Rebellion
    • To Fates: God of Magic, Spirituality, and Freedom
  • Kaligda: Crown Patriarch of the Demons, King of Hell

Pockets of polytheism, believing in the old classical gods may still exist, but dominantly this is the model used by people.


Through the modern age up to the age of space exploration and reconnection with the races scattered through the universe (corrupted forms of the old fantasy races), Atheims is common, though for those who believe in gods there is a largely monotheistic belief in Munn, who is renamed to

  • God: God of Light, life, Sanctity, Civilisation

With his dark counterpart, a renamed form of Kaligda

  • Devil: King of Hell, Sin, and Demons


Throughout the Space Age, before and after the invention of Subspace-Planar travel, religion is largely dead to Man. The other races of the cosmos ubiquitously worship the abandoner gods. A version of the fantasy pantheon that abandoned them long ago to care for their favoured land and favoured land alone.

These have names in the indigenous languages of the different worlds, but are all unified here under their old names.

  • Munn: Abandoner God of Seige
  • Aialos: Abandoner God of Disease
  • Janus: Abandoner God of Sloth and Gluttony
  • Rengar: Abandoner God of Chaos
  • Hama: Abandoner God of Violence
  • Rarm: Abandoner God of War
  • Ksennes: Abandoner God of Death
  • Nokwus: Abandoner God of Power
  • Kaligda: Abandoner God of Demons

End Times

In the end times, with all life huddled around one last mega-structure, Ksennes plane of death slowly encroaching on the mortal plane, and Kaligda’s final act of destruction drawing close, the following gods are revered and worshiped.

  • Kaligda: Great Power of the End of All
  • Ksennes: Great Power of the Eversphere
  • Ud: Great Power of New Beginnings